The team behind the multi award-winning Equiano Rum are on a mission to redefine a four-century-old industry by creating unique blends of rum from around the world. Equiano is a never seen before blend of two cultures, two distilleries and two islands making it a perfect collaboration of east and west. The premium-aged rum offers something entirely new to the category, quite simply, this is the world’s first African and Caribbean rum.

The liquid is a limited batch blend from one of the best emerging distilleries in the world, Gray’s in Mauritius, and the world-renowned Barbadian distillery – Foursquare. Bringing these two rum purists together means that Equiano is a 100% natural rum, with no spices, no colorants, no additives and no added sugar. Completely uncompromised, all the rich and deep flavors come from the ex-Cognac and ex-Bourbon casks that the rum tropically matures in, creating an exquisite, modern and matured spirit that is totally unique.

Equiano Rum – Photo Credit: Equiano Rum

Equiano is perfect for mixing, sipping, and savoring. On the nose, it delivers tropical warmth alongside notes of dried fruits such as raisins combined with sweet toffee, butterscotch, and caramel. To taste, Equiano delivers its natural sweetness from a mix of ex-cognac and ex-bourbon casks that it tropically matures in. Equiano finishes on a medium sweet note with touches of oak, anise, sweet pepper and a hint of bitter orange peel.

Named after the Nigerian-born writer, entrepreneur, abolitionist and freedom fighter Olaudah Equiano, the natural dark rum follows the extraordinary and monumental journey of Olaudah himself – starting its life in Africa, travelling to the Caribbean, and landing in the UK. Equiano’s journey, through Transatlantic Trade, took the same direction, culminating in him buying his liberation with savings he’d made through selling rum. Eventually settling in London, Equiano was one of the first African writers to have his work published by a major publisher. His powerful memoirs went on to impact the freedom of people all over the world, freedom that many of us enjoy, but that many are still fighting for, making his story as relevant to global conversation today as it was in the 1700’s.

Equiano starts its journey at Gray’s distillery in Mauritius, where the Rum is made from local molasses and barreled for a minimum of 10 years in a combination of French Limousin Oak and ex-Cognac casks, giving the liquid complexity and depth of flavor. It is then sent to the Barbados to be married and vatted with rum from the award-winning Foursquare Distillery; Rum that has been barreled in American oak casks that had previously aged Bourbon. Richard’s rums are a mix of column and artisanal copper pot still and are famed for their butterscotch and caramel notes. The carefully crafted liquid marries the two distinct components from each ‘terroir’ to make a one-of-a-kind naturally flavored rum. So much so, that Equiano is a limited batch liquid, with each new edition having its only subtle nuances and personality.

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