Made by Baccarat, this unique Mathusalem decanter is the result of unique know-how, highlighted by the creativity of Architect Frank Gehry.

After a first collaboration on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Hennessy X.O in 2020, the House has once again called on the artist to design this singular piece. A 6-liter Methuselah. To bring Architect Frank Gehry‘s creativity to life, it was necessary for Maison Hennessy to call upon expert craftsmen: Baccarat seemed an obvious choice. This artistic collaboration, nourished by the heritage of the House of Hennessy, has resulted in a limited edition of thirty unique pieces symbolizing the power and uniqueness of the Hennessy XO cognac.

“This design combines the characteristic style of Frank Gehry, the refinement of Baccarat and the singularity of Hennessy X.O. This creation highlights the richness of the blend while paying tribute to the know-how that made it possible to create it,” says Laurent Boillot, President of the House.

Inspired by a visit to Cognac and the know-how that goes into blending Hennessy X.O. cognac, Frank Gehry’s design also draws on the skills that Baccarat’s artisans have been passing down from generation to generation since 1764, a history as rich as that of the House of Hennessy, founded in 1765. This design reflects the vitality of the vineyards, the waters of the Charente that flow through Cognac, and the richness of the Hennessy X.O. cognac blend.

Upon receiving the design for the bottle, the teams at the Baccarat factory understood Frank Gehry’s artistic challenges. The design and dimensions required more than 30 kilos of Baccarat crystal. They overcame these technical complexities by creating thirty molds, each dedicated to a sculpture. Proud to collaborate with one of the most renowned architects of his time, Baccarat’s artisans were determined to respect the designer’s intention. From the preliminary sketches to the first molds, from the first cuts to the final touches, each step illustrates Baccarat’s capacity for innovation and creativity. Creating this decanter required the development of new techniques and the design of specific tools and adapted thermal cycles.

It took several months of work to shape this creation with its unique shape and a specific mold for each piece.


Hennessy X.O Cognac is both dense and subtle, delicate and intense, smooth and complex. It is the result of a careful selection of Eaux-de-vie: deep and powerful, they are distinguished by their character but also by their ability to balance each other. It is thanks to this meticulous blending that we obtain this robust, rich and remarkably persistent cognac.

Before tasting, its amber color, the depth of its mahogany reflections and its tannic perfume presage its assertive character. On the nose and palate, it reveals the sweetness of its candied fruits, the tone of its spices, the richness of its wild cocoa aromas and the character of its woody notes. The persistence that emanates from it expresses all the complexity of its blend and its long aging. Whether tasted dry or on ice, the intensity of its taste offers a progressive revelation of aromas that are revealed note by note.

However, the Tasting Committee (the committee that selects the best Eaux de vie of the House during its daily tastings) points out that each person has the ability to have his or her own perception of Hennessy X.O. Cognac: this may vary depending on the time of tasting, the method of tasting, or the palate.

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