The story of Ylan Anoufa – the bear maker, is one of passion, creativity and a desire to spread love and happiness through art. Anoufa’s unique and stunning sculptures are crafted from materials such as aluminum, bronze and metal, and take the form of giant geometric bears covered with pop-up graphics that tell stories like a comic book.

Ylan Anoufa’s journey began in his early years when he developed a keen interest in fashion and art, thanks to the guidance of his grandfather. At the age of 16, he moved to New York to work for G.T.F.M. Group and later became a head designer for brands such as Fubu, Coogi, and Drunky Monkey. However, it was in Paris where he launched his own brand, Maison Anoufa Haute Couture, that he truly found his passion for creating art.

In 2009, Ylan’s unique collection of one-of-a-kind pieces was showcased at the Paris Haute Couture Week, and in 2015, his company was awarded as the most promising upcoming brand at Harvard University. In 2016, Ylan became the creative director and shareholder of A80 Anoufa Paris, a beauty-hair line that now has more than 20 shops throughout Asia, with a flagship store in Hong Kong.

However, it was in 2014 when Ylan’s first daughter was born that he found his true calling as an artist. Inspired by childhood memories, Ylan imagined a collection of metal geometric bears that would evoke pure emotions and remind people of the beauty of nature. These bears would also symbolize nature defenders, instilling confidence and trust in those who encounter them.

Today, Ylan’s giant geometric bear sculptures, standing over two meters tall, can be found in the most fashionable locations in cities such as Hong Kong, Marbella, and Paris. Smaller bears are presented in galleries around the world, and the first “AnoufaBear” gallery was opened in B51 Hotel in Marbella last summer.

All of Ylan’s art is created in his atelier in Poland called “Anoufaland,” located in the middle of a large natural reserve, which inspires and provides him with peace of mind. Each sculpture is personally crafted by Ylan, from cutting metal to welding, polishing, and painting. He makes no more than 50 pieces of art per year, and each sculpture is unique, with a name on its eyes and a unique number on its back.

Ylan also offers customization to his clients, allowing them to provide sentences, graphics, or even stories that he incorporates into the art. Each bear is delivered in a wooden box with a certificate and album that retraces its creation.

Furthermore, the sale of AnoufaBears supports Art Gang Foundation, which provides free art classes and distributes art kits to children from all over the world.

If you’re looking for a stunning and unique piece of art that brings joy, love and hope, then AnoufaBears is the perfect choice for you.

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