Champagne Maison Mumm invites you to rediscover its iconic Mumm Cordon Rouge through “Tastes By Mumm“; an immersive tasting experience. A unique moment, combining technology and your five senses of the taster.

Made mostly of Pinot Noir, this Mumm Cordon Rouge cuvée conceals the multiple olfactories and gustatory facets of this grape variety. To reveal all its complexity, Mumm reinvents the tasting exercise within an immersive case using screen technology, giving the impression of erasing the notions of time and space. The 30-minute tasting, designed as a multi-sensory exploration, reveals the two characteristic facets of Mumm Cordon Rouge, its freshness and its roundness.

Seated around a central table, you will be guided by an ambassador of Mumm throughout the tasting, who will help you understand the influence of the environment on the perception you will taste. You will be first reminded of the individual nature of your reading and the importance of having a global approach, soliciting your five senses to detect the full aromatic palette of the champagne.

Mumm Cordon Rouge will then be served in two different glasses and tasted in two different environments that will allow drawing your attention successively on the freshness and tension, then on the greedy and round notes.

“Tastes by Mumm” experience is based on recent neuroscience research on cross-modal sensory correspondences: our senses are capable of interacting with each other – a smell can evoke a color – and this matrix of sensory interaction provides the means to create a coherent space to better reveal each of the facets that make up the complexity of the Mumm Cordon Rouge cuvée.

In this experience, the sense of seeing will be solicited thanks to screens covering all the walls of the capsule to present clear, crystalline, and angular visual elements that recall the freshness of the Mumm Cordon Rouge cuvée, followed by warm, supple, and enveloping elements to evoke its roundness.

In phase with the sight, the sense of hearing will also be contributed with sound creations that will reinforce both the tension and the roundness of the champagne. TACTICAL AND OLFACTIVE ELEMENTS will be integrated into the experience in order to activate the sense of touch and the sense of smell in this work of sensory awakening to each of the gustatory facets of Mumm Cordon Rouge.


From December 15 to 18, 2021

30-minute tasting session followed by a glass of Mumm Cordon Rouge and finger food

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