Charente and Charente-Maritime are two parts of France made out of hilly landscapes, vineyards, rivers, meadows and woods, as well as a rich history, offering its visitors a wide range of attractions and activities. Here are some of the places that you should visit during your Charente summer escapade – Wine lovers, this one is for you.


Sunny days rhyme with lounge evenings in the fresh air and relaxing cocktails, an opportunity to linger in Cognac, on the rooftop of the Hôtel Chais Monnet & Spa. The bar, open all week, offers a new collection of signature cocktails created by the talented Roxanne Remmery. For those with a small appetite, local and seasonal products are honored with a selection of dishes to share: tapas, toasts, cheese plates… A menu placed under the sign of the Charente summer for this spot with a unique panorama over the city of Cognac. To be discovered 7 days a week, from 5pm until midnight (closed in case of bad weather).


This domain is run by the Chapon family, who have been cultivating their vineyards for several generations and are “Bouilleurs de Crus” – which means that they distill their own Cognac. These passionate winemakers offer experiences such as storytelling walks at nightfall or tastings in the summer. In the winter, they distill and share their passion for the vineyard during a “bouilleur de cru” breakfast. The alembic’s aromas accompany charcuterie and a display of the winegrower’s life at the rhythm of the seasons. Depending on the weather, they offer short walks followed (or preceded) by a picnic at the foot of the alambic. This adventure full of marvelous stories will enchant both young kids and adults.


The Domaine Castel-Sablons is a family property located in the Archiac canton, in a region renowned for its prestigious crus. Based on an artisanal know-how, the Roux family introduces you to the inimitable flavors of the Charentais Brûlot, the “Flamme des Anges” (Angel’s flame) and the verjuice “Perle de raisin” (grape pearl). Spectacular, original and exquisite are 3 adjectives that perfectly describe the Charentais brûlot. After a good meal, cognac can also be enjoyed combined with coffee and caramelized sugar in a sophisticated and traditional way. At the end of the presentation of the domain, they offer a demonstration of this process.

Domaine Castel-Sablons was the first company to market the “Brûlot charentais” in 1985. A few years later, it was renamed “La Flamme des Anges”. Here is the secret to this tasty coffee flambéed with cognac from the region: a very low alcohol reduction (2 to 3% Vol.) with a taste of fruit jam (pear, plum and apricot) poured into the coffee cup. Then, the flavors of a creamy mocha mixed with the subtle woody taste of their cognac. Picture the harmony of this lovely sweet-bitter-sour balance and its surprising lingering taste. Then, picture the bluish flames that shine in the eyes of your friends and the unforgettable moments you will share in this unique location…


The Brisson family has been passionately cultivating vines since 1858, from generation to generation, with the deepest respect for the Charentais terroir. When you visit the sit, they explain Pineau’s distillation and making process, followed by an exclusive tasting. The family estate is also a bamboo grove, with more than sixty varieties of bamboo collection, which live side by side with a multitude of tropical plants over one hectare. La Bambouseraie offers three guided tours per dayin the summer from the botanical park of La Bambouseraie to Matha. Discover medicinal, aphrodisiac, shamanic plants and even exotic vegetables during this botanical world tour. This place is a journey around the world, where you can exchange on your passion and live an enriching adventure in an atypical universe.

Four tours:

  • Guided tour of the botanical garden of the Bamboo plantation
  • Visit of the Brisson family distillery
  • Glimpse of the 18th century family home
  • Discovery of local products


“”More than ever, CAMUS is dedicated to meeting the expectations of the lovers of great spirits, thanks to strong values : the pursuit of excellence, the affirmation of a distinctive style, the transmission of a know-how, a constant questioning, to be The cognac of your unforgettable moments.

Discover the secrets of Cognac with Camus, an independent Cognac house for 5 generations. Their approach to cognac-making is focused on creating intensely aromatic Cognacs, with no compromise in the making. 

You can choose your custom tasting session from a wide selection to explore different vintages and special editions. With each tasting, you get a guided tour of their family-owned House, with an expert by your side to take you behind the scenes of the alchemy of intense aromas. Here are the tasting experiences:

ÎLE DE RÉ: A trip to the west coast of the cognac appellation to reveal the particular taste of this unique island.

INTENSITY: A complete presence of the House’s Intensely Aromatic style.

SINGLE ESTATE: A total immersion in their family estate to discover the specificities of the Borderies cru.

VERTICAL: A progressive tasting of their core range to discover the evolution of cognac through aging.

RARISSIMES: A private discovery of their collection of prestigious vintages in a vertical tasting.

MASTER BLENDER: Assemble and create your own cognac and leave with your own personalized bottle to share with your friends.

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