Ready for an art-filled adventure this month? Embark on a journey through Italy’s vibrant cultural landscape with our handpicked selection of must-see exhibitions. From awe-inspiring design and architecture to captivating photography and portraits, here’s what you won’t want to miss:

“JUERGEN TELLER – I NEED TO LIVE” – Triennale Milano – Until 1 April 2024

Renowned for his candid celebrity portraits, influential fashion editorials, and iconic campaigns, German photographer Juergen Teller takes center stage in this exhibition. Featuring over 1000 works, including personal and commissioned pieces, recognizable images, new photographic series, videos, and installations, Teller’s showcase delves into the depths of his artistic evolution. Aptly titled “i need to live,” the exhibition reflects Teller’s response to existential challenges that have profoundly impacted his life, often with tragic undertones. Through his distinct imagery, Teller both celebrates the vitality of existence and confronts the inherent fragility of human life.

Itay's Art Scene:  Our Pick of The Must-See Upcoming Exhibitions

“WALTER ALBINI: THE DESIGNER, THE TALENT”Fondazione Museo del Tessuto (Prato Textile Museum Foundation)

The Fondazione Museo del Tessuto will host an exhibition dedicated to designer Walter Albini from March 23 to September 22, 2024. Curated by Daniela Degl’Innocenti and Enrica Morini, “Walter Albini: The Designer, the Talent” explores Albini’s influential career in Italian fashion from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. The exhibition showcases Albini’s diverse collection of sketches, photographs, and documents, providing insight into his contributions to brands like Krizia and Baldini. Through extensive research, the exhibition offers a deeper understanding of Albini’s legacy and marks the start of the Foundation’s cultural initiatives for 2024.

Itay's Art Scene:  Our Pick of The Must-See Upcoming Exhibitions

“ALBERTO MEDA – TENSIONE E LEGGEREZZA” – Triennale Milano – Until 24 March 2024

This retrospective takes you on a journey through forty years of design innovation by Alberto Meda, an Italian engineer, designer, and planner. Discover Meda’s groundbreaking work, from lightweight structures to cutting-edge technology, as he pushes the boundaries of form and function. The exhibition showcases projects, photographs, prototypes, drawings, and unpublished materials, organized into seven sections that explore Meda’s compositional poetics.

Itay's Art Scene:  Our Pick of The Must-See Upcoming Exhibitions

MIART 2024Fiera Milano12 – 14 April 2024: miart 2024, titled “No Time No Space,” draws inspiration from Franco Battiato’s song, reflecting a desire to expand the fair’s boundaries temporally and geographically. A new curated section called Portal and collaborations aim to disseminate art across Milan’s streets and institutions. The main section features contemporary and pre-2000 art, including collectible design, curated to foster dialogue and honor tradition while embracing the future. Portal offers an anachronistic perspective, exploring our time through diverse artistic practices. Curated by Julieta González and Abaseh Mirvali, Portal showcases galleries presenting parallel dimensions and unconventional perspectives.

“ALLAN MCCOLLUM – MINIME VARIAZIONI” – Galleria Fumagalli – Until 29 March 2024

In Milan’s Galleria Fumagalli, the work of Allan McCollum, a leading figure in American Conceptual art, takes center stage. Specifically designed for the gallery’s main room, the exhibition features 660 elements crafted between 1988 and 1992, forming a cohesive installation titled “Collection of Drawings.” McCollum’s fifty-year exploration is evident in this showcase, characterized by his unique approach to creating “collections” of works—be it drawings or sculptures—where subtle variations in shape and color distinguish each piece from the mass-produced whole. Challenging the dichotomy between handmade uniqueness and mass production since the 1970s, McCollum aims to redefine viewers’ identification with art, moving beyond traditional assessments based on education and class. His work, often juxtaposed with contemporaries like Michael Asher, Daniel Buren, and Andrea Fraser, invites reflection on the processes of cultural reception and the evolving dynamics between artist and audience.

“ARRIGO ARRIGHETTI ARCHITETTO”- Politecnico di Milano, Spazio Mostre Guido Nardi – Until 25 March 2024

Explore the architectural legacy of Arrigo Arrighetti with this exhibition showcasing a selection of his iconic projects in Milan. Hosted at the Politecnico di Milano, the exhibition offers a glimpse into Arrighetti’s innovative designs through original drawings and photographs by Sosthen Hennekam.

Itay's Art Scene:  Our Pick of The Must-See Upcoming Exhibitions

“Vivi l’Archivio. Pier Fausto Bagatti Valsecchi e l’architettura di paesaggio” – Museo Bagatti Valsecchi – Until 25 February 2024

Discover the rich archival treasures of the Bagatti Valsecchi Foundation with their latest exhibition, focusing on the remarkable legacy of architect Pier Fausto Bagatti Valsecchi (1929-2023). Dedicated to the world of landscape architecture and gardens, Pier Fausto’s archive sheds light on Milan’s cultural landscape post-World War II. The exhibition transforms the Camera Verde wardrobe into an interactive archive, inviting visitors to explore Pier Fausto’s passion for gardens as living monuments. Through this showcase, the museum pays tribute to one of its founders, offering a glimpse into Pier Fausto’s profound theoretical and intellectual contributions to the field.

“L’ULISSE DI HUGO PRATT – DI MARI E AVVENTURE PRIMA DI CORTO MALTESE” – Museo Archeologico San Lorenzo – Until 3 March 2024

Experience the enchanting fusion of ancient legend and artistic mastery in an exhibition commemorating the mythic journey of Ulysses, as interpreted by renowned illustrator Hugo Pratt. Hosted by the Archaeological Museum in Cremona, this exhibition celebrates Pratt’s 1963 creation for the Corriere dei Piccoli, predating his iconic character Corto Maltese. Through 25 original boards, Pratt’s evocative drawings bring to life the colors, expressions, and adventures of Ulysses, capturing both the allure and complexity of the hero’s odyssey. Presented alongside archaeological exhibits.

“PRIMO ALFABETO” – Massimo de Carlo – Until 9 March 2024

Discover the early works of Gianfranco Baruchello at Massimo de Carlo in Milan. Curated by Carla Subrizi and Maria Alicata, “Primo alfabeto” showcases Baruchello’s exploration of the alphabet as a symbolic language of the subconscious.

Itay's Art Scene:  Our Pick of The Must-See Upcoming Exhibitions

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