Milan Design Week 2024, slated to unfold from April 15th to April 21st, is gearing up to attract design fans worldwide. Steeped in tradition, the renowned Salone del Mobile will kickstart proceedings on Tuesday, April 16th, welcoming participants to the Rho Fiera Milano spaces.

At the heart of the upcoming Milan Design Week lies its central theme: “Materia Natura.” This concept underscores a profound exploration of the intrinsic relationship between matter and nature, advocating for a sustainable design ethos. By delving into the symbiotic connection between these two fundamental elements, the event aims to foster a conscientious approach to creativity and innovation.

Here’s your guide to navigating Milan Design Week is the highlight of the annual design calendar, with a wide spectrum of events taking place alongside the Salone del Mobile. These fringe events, scattered around Milanese districts such as the Brera Design District and Tortona Design Week, feature a plethora of exhibitions, installations, workshops, and parties:

SALONE DEL MOBILEFrom April 16 to 21 at Rho Fiera Milano spaces: The cornerstone of Milan Design Week, the Salone del Mobile will showcase the latest trends and innovations in furniture and interior design. Whether you’re venturing to the Salone del Mobile for the first time or returning as a seasoned attendee, the fair is a must-see, featuring an expansive showcase that’s impossible to explore in a single day. To make the most of your visit, plan ahead, identifying the halls and exhibitors that capture your interest. The Salone returns this year with an innovative layout, offering an immersive trade fair experience and a culturally enriching program. Notably, Euroluce will run concurrently, providing an additional opportunity for inspiration in the dynamic field of lighting design.

S.PROJECTFrom April 16 to 21 at Rho Fiera Milano spaces: is a dynamic exhibition that spotlights innovative design products and interior decor solutions, encompassing a wide spectrum from indoor to outdoor furnishings, coverings to lighting, and even wellness products and textiles. S.Project, decorative schemes are presented holistically, showcasing products that prioritize both ecological responsibility and aesthetic appeal. The exhibition serves as a platform for cutting-edge design ideas and solutions, reflecting the evolving needs and desires of modern consumers.

THE INTERNATIONAL FURNISHING ACCESSORIES EXHIBITIONFrom April 16 to 21 at Rho Fiera Milano spaces: Established in 1989, celebrates the transformative power of design objects in shaping unique and personalized spaces. Ranging from rugs and vases to ceramics and fabrics, these objects serve as vessels of narrative, infusing domestic environments with personality and emotion. Open to the general public on April 20th and 21st.

SALONE SATELLITEFrom April 16 to 21 at Rho Fiera Milano spaces: Celebrating its 25th anniversary, is a vital hub for emerging designers under 35. Since its inception, it has propelled young talents into the spotlight, with many prototypes transitioning into production. The annual SaloneSatellite Award recognizes outstanding projects, showcasing innovation and creativity. In 2024, the exhibition at Triennale di Milano highlights the latest projects from promising designers, reaffirming its role in shaping the future of design.

Your Ultimate Guide to Milan Design Week 2024

FUORISALONE FRINGE EVENTS: Milan’s districts burst with life during Fuorisalone, hosting a wide array of exhibitions, installations, and workshops. Don’t miss the vibrant displays in districts like the Brera Design District, Zona Tortona, Isola Design District, 5VIE, and ID exe. Be sure to consult the FUORISALONE guide for the latest events, showrooms, and venues. Zona Tortona, once the pioneer district where empty factories transformed into galleries during design week, now boasts captivating spots scattered across the city. While immersing yourself in everything is an option, thorough preparation ensures you don’t miss any hidden gems.

TORTONA DESIGN WEEKFrom April 15 to 21: reinforces Milan’s status as a global design capital. Collaborating with the Double Malt communication agency, Tortona Design Week promises a fresh approach, aiming to unite and showcase the realities of the Tortona area. Building on the success of the 2023 edition, which focused on youth, research, and the future, the upcoming event seeks to promote innovation and inclusiveness. With over 90,000 visitors, including a significant presence of students from China, Japan, and Eastern Europe, Tortona Design Week continues to captivate audiences and empower the next generation of designers.

5VIE DESIGN WEEKApril 15 to 21: 5VIE is a dynamic cultural network in Milan, founded in 2013 to revitalize the historical center. Divided into three main themes – Art + Design, Experience, and Social Innovation – the project collaborates with Design Week, local artisans, and sustainability initiatives. 5VIE provides a captivating context blending medieval charm with curated contemporary design. Over the past decade, 5VIE has stood out for its emphasis on creativity, expressive gestures, and the fusion of design with art and performance.

WE WILL DESIGN– From April 15 to 21 at BASE Milano: We Will Design will transform BASE into a “Conviviality Laboratory” where a temporary community explores new forms of interdependent relationships. This event invites reflection on innovative practices of coexistence and sharing, particularly addressing topics such as migration, gender, abilities, health, and cultural backgrounds. Emphasizing principles of cooperation, democracy, and ecological responsibility, We Will Design imagines new modes of coexistence based on human dignity and resistance against futuristic and elitist structures.

HERMÈS: Discover the luxury and elegance of Hermès during Milan Design Week. Located in the historic setting of Brera, Hermès presents its latest collection of furniture and home decor grandly. Marvel at their exquisite presentation in a monumental building, showcasing the epitome of luxury and style.

VERSACE CASA: Dive into the lavish realm of Versace at Milan’s Palazzo della Permanente during Milan Design Week. Enter a specially curated show area where the luxurious essence of Versace reigns supreme. With the creative input of Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini, Donatella Versace has revitalized the brand’s potential, crafting a striking and vibrant installation space. Explore the Versace Home Experience, an immersive environment that unveils the brand’s endless possibilities while encapsulating the quintessence of Versace’s iconic style.

ARMANI CASA: Giorgio Armani invites you to embark on an immersive and emotional journey into the world of Armani Casa at the Armani Silos museum during Milan Design Week 2022. Discover the new Casa Collection in the brutalist setting of the museum, blending classic Casa pieces with innovative designs. As Giorgio Armani explains, this exhibition marks a return to the essential aspects of his style lexicon, offering visitors a glimpse into the salient aspects of Armani’s design aesthetic. Through an immersive and emotional experience, visitors can explore the connections, suggestions, and references that define the Armani/Casa world, creating a captivating showcase that highlights the brand’s timeless elegance and sophistication.

CAR DESIGN NEWSApril 16, 2024, at Maserati Showroom: Car Design News returns to the Salone del Mobile in Milan with an exclusive event, the CDN Milan Design Night, in partnership with Maserati. Rethinking Luxury in Automotive will feature a panel discussion led by Car Design News editor James McLachlan, with speakers including Maserati design director Klaus Busse and Peter Widmann from Swarovski Mobility. Topics will include material trends, user experience, and cross-industry learning. The evening provides a platform for networking and discussion among professionals in the automotive design world.

UNFOLDApril 18th at BASE Milano: Domus Academy presents UNFOLD, a collaborative project involving 6 international design schools and selected students from Domus Academy Masters programs. The event features a 6-day exhibition of project prototypes and a one-day event on April 18th, including pitches on research topics and talks with key figures in the design world. The project, launched in September 2023, explores the theme of ‘Simplexity in Design’, examining the balance between simplicity and complexity.

MUSEUM TRIENNALE MILAN: From April 15, the revitalized Milan Triennale Museum opens its doors to present the exciting world of design and architecture. Explore the newly reconstructed Sala Sottsass, which offers a glimpse of Ettore Sottsass’s iconic mid-1960s aesthetic. Immerse yourself in the thought-provoking “Design Metaphors” exhibition, featuring a series of Sottsass photographs exploring architecture, design and lifestyle. And don’t miss the retrospective “I Am a Dragon: The True Story of Alessandro Mendini”, celebrating Mendini’s revolutionary contributions to architecture, design and art. Presented in collaboration with the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, this comprehensive exhibition highlights Mendini’s unique vision and impact on design thinking and lifestyle, with thematic sections curated by Fulvio Irace and insights from critics around the world.

Your Ultimate Guide to Milan Design Week 2024
Casa Lana © Triennale Milano

MASTERLY – THE DUTCH IN MILANO: Located opposite the cathedral, Masterly offers a comprehensive showcase of Dutch design. Curated by Nicole Uniquole, this exhibition features over a hundred Dutch designers and companies spanning various fields such as architecture, furniture, textiles, construction, and accessories. It presents a diverse range of relevant and compelling works, highlighting the innovation and creativity of Dutch design.

ALCOVA: Set in the industrial environment of a former abattoir, Alcova provides a unique backdrop for over 70 projects during Milan Design Week. This dynamic space brings together institutes, established brands, design studios, and emerging talent, offering visitors a captivating experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the innovative displays and discover the latest trends in design.

ROSSANA ORLANDI: A visit to Rossana Orlandi’s gallery is a must during Milan Design Week. Renowned in the design world, Rossana showcases her keen eye for talent and beauty in every corner of her gallery. Located in a building with a beautiful garden, her gallery offers a delightful journey through rooms filled with unique and exquisite treasures, making it an essential destination for design enthusiasts.

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