“Retrospective” exhibition is an elaborated version of the “2019 Retrospective” which took place last summer in the halls of the Museum of the Royal Palace in Monza. A revised and enriched selection of works by Cesare Catania sheds light on the themes proposed and developed by the artist in recent years. The main goal is to consolidate the maturity of the artistic career and examine the works that characterized the creative process, which is still constantly evolving today.

Among the artworks on display is a three-dimensional painting “The Man Who Does Not See” (2013) inspired by reflections on the general condition of the human race. The man is immersed in the midst of the society that surrounds him, blindfolded. Sometimes he tries to take a bite of oxygen just like a man in the water trying to get out. The cheerful and bright shades of yellow symbolize a background of a golden cage, an expression of a society that appears serene and happy when viewed with the headband.

Another painting related to the social and cultural context is “The Embrace” (2016) understood narrowly between a man and a woman, and broadly between two people of two different colors. The themes of anti-Semitism and racism are reconciled for Cesare Catania with a harmonious gesture capable of creating a balance between the parties.

Cesare Catania is born in Milan on February 1, 1979, where he developed, both in his private life and during his study program, a genuine disposition for the graphic and pictorial arts.

To see the exhibition click here.

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