Created in 2020 by Alice Bureau, Le Conservatoire des Hémisphères is a splendid tea house located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, 96 rue du bac. In the style of a herbalist’s shop from another century or an antique boutique, this place is dedicated to all those who consider tea as more than a simple drink. It unfolds old-fashioned wooden counters and shelves in the manner of an apothecary, making the atmosphere completely out of time and space.

The many drawers and jars contain a thousand scents and a thousand virtues selected with rigor and ethics, as well as ingredients from exceptional regions from all parts of the world. Conservatoire des Hémisphères celebrates the art of French tea thanks to the purity of its raw materials: water, tea leaves, the perfect alliance of a fragrant composition, and a precious selection of “grand cru” teas. The scented infusions are elaborated in accordance with the seasons, the arrivals, and the inspirations – among them, enchanting scents of citrus, flowers, roots, and barks.


After creating two bakeries and winning the awards for the best almond cake of Ile de France and best pain au chocolat of Paris, Virginie and Stéphane Louvard just started a new adventure with the opening of a bistronomic restaurant in association with their artisanal bakery. Located in the ninth district of Paris, the establishment boasts a decor reminiscent of a cozy country house: cement tiles, glass roof, green wall, antique objects, bouquets of fresh flowers, sofas, club chairs, green terrace, table d’hôtes…

In the kitchen, Gaëtan Le Hain, a promising 26-year-old chef, concocts homemade delicacies to serve for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, made out of high-quality regional ingredients and always accompanied by their signature freshly baked bread, for an atmosphere à la française. Among the dishes, you’ll find cauliflower declined in several forms, pork terrine à la Normande, salmon gravelax, small spelt risotto, braised beef chuck, scorpionfish with piperade, chard and prawn ravioli, lentil salad with spinach and many more.


In an intimate and timeless setting, Bruno Aubin, participant of the last edition of Top Chef, welcomes guests at his gourmet restaurant Cléo, within the five-star hotel Le Narcisse Blanc. This confidential address located in the heart of the 7th district, nearby the Eiffel Tower, features gastronomic cuisine prepared with a dash of modernity using only carefully selected products. Recognized in the cooking show he participated in for his technical skills and rigor, Bruno Aubin is a chef who dares to create sublime blends of flavors and enhance natural savors without ever altering them.

In the setting of a beautiful Parisian apartment surrounded by mirrors or with a view of the magnificent patio, let yourself be tempted by the delicious dishes combining land and sea through various textures – marinated duck breast, roasted saddle of lamb with Espelette pepper, ginger caramel cream, Jamaican chocolate pepper mousse and many more.


After a difficult year for the world of gastronomy, the will to share, to be more accessible and to create savors adapted to our time has resurfaced more than ever. With the desire to mark this next phase of life, Le Grand Véfour has chosen to return to its origins and to celebrate its past once again. In the tradition of his “Maison Guy Martin“, the Chef introduces you to his delicate and exquisite tea time, every day from 3 pm to 5 pm just across the gardens of the Palais Royal.

On the program, you may choose a Tea Time platter including a hot beverage (tea, hot chocolate, coffee…) plus an assortment of seven pieces prepared by the talented Pastry Chef Xavier Jacquin, and anything else you wish to choose from the menu. With vanilla éclairs, fraisiers, framboisiers, lime zest mousse and many more to savor, relax in the soothing atmosphere of Paris’ dreamy district and embrace the french-style tea tradition.

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